SODEC carries out studies on design and engineering processes for professional sports facilities (EN12193, FIFA, FIBA, FIBV, UEFA), roads (EN13201), tunnels and underpasses (CIE 88, IES RP-22), education and health buildings (EN12464) and lighting systems of industrial facilities (EN12464).

Although lighting simulation software, which is widely used today, can calculate with high accuracy, dramatic results can be drawn between field results and modeling values. Because when calculating software with high precision, the accuracy of the calculations does not mean the accuracy of the project and / or application. At this point, the most important issue is that the modeling is meticulously modeled and includes all the deviations and details in the application process, rather than creating a rough solid model, and the designer’s experience in field applications. SODEC performs modeling and analysis at a high level of detail with advanced field and application experience and It creates a technical and economic model for multiple alternatives in the implementation process.

In addition to artificial lighting systems, Sodec Engineering carries out analyzes on modeling the potentials of natural lighting infrastructures in buildings and evaluating the conformity of control systems accordingly.